Our school uniform

Our  uniform is:

  • A blue sweatshirt  with the school badge
  • Black bottoms- school trousers, school skirt or pinafore (NO trackie/ tracksuit bottoms)
  • Black shoes- sensible with a good grip (AVOID logos, heels, wellies and ‘Ugg style boots; trainers are allowed if they are plain black all over (leather/ leather look) including soles and with no obvious logos)
  • White polo shirt or school style shirt with collar (children can also wear light blue polo shirts of shirts)
  • Black hijabs or head scarves
  • Black, white (or your child’s hair colour) hair bands
  • Blue book bag with the school badge
  • Jewellery, if worn, is only to be plain stud earrings and a simple watch. These will need to be removed for PE. 

The PE kit is:

  • Black shorts (plain black ‘tidy looking’ tracksuit bottoms are allowed in the winter or for religious reasons)
  • White T shirt
  • Black plimsolls or ‘daps’

The uniform items such as black trousers and white polo shirts are all widely available at a reasonable price in supermarkets and a range of non-specialist shops. 

Sweatshirts and book bags will be available for purchase from Essentials Clothing- near the Ambulance Station.

If you have any queries please see the Leadership Team. If you are not sure that a clothing item matches these expectations, please ask Mr Hallam or Mrs Harvey.

We do have a supply of new, quality uniform items that children will be loaned if they do not wear our school uniform. It is important to us that all children feel a full part of our community, in all ways. Please communicate with Mr Hallam if your child is temporarily wearing a non school uniform item or if you would like some help and support in ensuring your child is wearing school uniform. We have means to support families if need be.