MPA Academy Council Minutes – September 2016.xps

MPA Academy Council Minutes – October 2016.xps

MPA Academy Council Minutes – February 2017.xps

MPA Academy Council Minutes – January 2018

MPA Academy Council Minutes – May 2018

MPA Academy Council Minutes – July 2018

The chair of our Academy Council is Nicky McCallister and can be contacted via email at

Here are the names of our Academy Councillors at Minerva Primary Academy:

Nicky McCallister – Chair of Academy Council

Mandy Milsom – Executive/Senior Principal

Peter Hallam – Principal

Jennifer Harvey – Vice Principal/Staff Councillor

Donna Goodhind – Staff Councillor

Bridget Suitters – Cabot Learning Federation Councillor – Health and Safety and Safeguarding Representative

Dan Wilesmith – Cabot Learning Federation Councillor – Student Voice Representative

Nithya Prabhaukar – Cabot Learning Federation

Anna Keen – Cabot Learning Federation

Thareem Naz – Parent Councillor

Shuyara Chowdhury – Parent Councillor

CLF Delegated Authority Framework

Here is the link to the CLF Delegated Authority Framework

2016 – 2017 – None of the above Councillors have any pecuniary interests.