The Vice Principal leads on our Curriculum with our Phase Leaders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of them.

We moved to the ‘New Primary National Curriculum’ as published by the Government. During the summer of 2014, we planned some exciting whole school events involving our community as part of our transition to the ‘new curriculum’. We have made steps to adopt the Literacy and Numeracy curriculum fully as we believe in the high expectations it promotes, and will incorporate the other subjects into our existing Enquiry Curriculum.

Where the curriculum for primary Schools can be found by parents…

Curriculum Overviews

Curriculum Overview Term one Clifton and Bishopston Classes

Curriculum Overview Term one Years 5 & 6

Click here for a link to the 2014 National Curriculum, which we are following for all subjects.


Miss Watts is our Literacy Progression Lead.


We follow ‘Letters and Sounds’ as our progression document for the teaching of phonics.

Reading and Writing

We also are a ‘Power of Reading’ school, where quality texts inspire quality writing. In Early Years and KS1 we also develop ‘Talk for Writing’ skills.

We use a range of quality texts (books) to develop early reading skills. We don’t follow one scheme. All of our books are ‘levelled’ with numbers and colours. according to the Book Bands guidance many schools use. This links to levels in the National Curriculum.


Mrs Massey is our Numeracy Progression Lead.

Mrs Harvey is our school’s Vice Principal and led the introduction of ‘images and manipulatives’ into our maths learning and teaching, in addition to leading on the implementation of the new 2014 Maths Curriculum. We have received very positive external specialist feedback on this work. The CLF is part of the ‘Boolean Maths Hub’ and in October 2014 a team of CLF representatives went to Shanghai to learn about how we can incorporate further effective learning and teaching methods into our practice.

As a school we have also been part of several maths projects including the introduction and trialing of a year 1 maths text book and a key stage two maths intervention program. Both initiatives have had a positive impact on maths outcomes for the pupils involved.


Mrs Cox is our science lead

Science is taught through enquiry and discrete lessons to develop subject specific skills. To enhance children’s experiences teachers plan practical hands on activities. In school we also have a wow science week each year.

Our Enquiry Curriculum

Here are some examples of Enquiry topics for this year:

Minerva Primary Academy Year Group Enquiry Questions

Y1 – Me and my world. What makes me great?

Ahoy, me hearties


Y2 – Marvelous materials

In to the unknown

Nocturnal animals

Y3 – Roaring Romans

Staying alive

Tour de France

Y4 – Make some noise

Save our planet

A river runs through it!

Y5 – Natural disasters

Bristol Blitz

Walk like an Egyptian

Y6 – How has Banksy influenced our environment?

I am what I am

Each class focuses on an Enquiry each term and this will cover learning in many different areas of the curriculum i.e history, science, art & music. The learning is skills-based and is supported and extended by our ELLI homework that is sent out termly. The children are encouraged to be independent learners and this is an area we have worked on this school year.

Our Enquiries start with a ‘wow’ opener. The children then ‘immerse’ in information and finding out. They then ‘have a go’ at showing their understanding. The Enquiries then end with a ‘challenge’ and frequently a ‘celebration’.

Extra-curricular events

Ms Archer- our Lead Learning Mentor- leads on extra curricular events which serve to add enjoyment and further celebration to our curriculum provision. If you have any other ideas of things you’d like celebrated or opportunities that you (or someone you know) can offer our children please speak to any of us.

Parental involvement

Part of our progression lead roles are to encourage further parental involvement in their child’s learning and the life of our school. If you have any talents you can offer please do see her or any of us in school. These could be: cooking, baking, crafts, technology (e.g. DJing, computer skills, animation), marital arts or fitness, traditional dancing.. to name a few of many I’m sure you have. We’d be grateful for even an hour of your time to pop in and work with our teachers and children.

We also hold regular celebration events for parents and invite parents in for workshops and to see their child learn in class every term (CLIC).

Guides for parents

Here are some guides for parents produced by the DSCF- what is now the DfE:

English progress guide

Maths progress guide